Friday, September 23, 2005

The long walk home.....

It's time to put the chairs on the tables,
Turn out the lights,
And leave Perth behind us.....

.....and in 21 hours we will be in London!

We survived the last 3 days....nothing crazy as we were way too tired from work to have the energy to get into any trouble!

Finished Back in the Brass Monkey we we started last week, though a much quietier affair.....thank god!

Now, here's something to ponder

What is Singapore.....a city or a country?


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bread and Water

We went to an Italian resturant last night called Zaffarona's.....

.......Bloody Expensive!!

I think we blew our entire budget for the week last night because this place must have been one of the most expensive resturants in's probably one of the nicest too though!!

Like I said, looks like we're on Bread and Water for the rest of the week to stand any chance of normalising the dinner expenses!!

I seen an ad on TV last night - 2 meals for 8 bucks in some dodgy chicken house......

now we've just got to find it........


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Monday, September 19, 2005

G' Day

We landed in Perth on Friday afternoon so that we would have the weekend to recover from the journey and hit the office Monday.....perky

Well, it's Monday morning and I feel far from perky.....

Though I'm just glad I survived the weekend, here's the very abridged version....


Brass Monkey - Turbo Shandies - Stevie is evil
Rosie's - Crazy Irish Woman - F*ck Off and leave me alone


Lucky Shag - Beer - Think I'm going to barf
Carnagies - Too Sober for this bar - Time to get out of dodge
Belgian Beer Cafe - Dodgy Chocolate Beer - Need to try something else
Belgian Beer Cafe - Dodgy Cheery Beer - Need to try something else
Belgian Beer Cafe - Dodgy Leiffe Beer - Need to try something else


Lucky Shag - Man Utd v Liverpool - Fairly Dull game
Lucky Shag - Pool - I win 3 games to 2
Lucky Shag - Wrecked - Time for Bed


Friday, September 09, 2005

Last Orders.......

Ciarraigh and the kids are home tomorrow night, which is great!! (just a couple of caveats)

  • Tonight is the last night I can have a few glasses of wine unmolested (by whom would be telling!!).....but I have a couple of bottles of really nice 96 Grand Reserve Rioja's, one of which is almost gone while the other is cowering in fear right now!!
  • Tomorrow I need to return the house to it's pre "Ciarraigh's on holiday" state, that's going to take most of the day........I'm going to miss dropping stuff at my arse!
But hey, I'm off to Australia on Thursday for a week to do some work stuff......




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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday.....So Far So Good

Well there have been no major blow outs yet.....I think I peaked too early on Saturday, so I'm more savouring the moment rather than self destructing!!

I've done a shit load in the garden since the weather has been so good, and made a major dent in the book I've been trying to read for the last couple of months:

The Warrior Prophet by R. Scott Bakker

It's book two in what I'm assumming is a's like an adult Lord of the Rings.....substitute Hobbits with Prostitutes and you're getting there!

Anyway, that's all that's been happening in this action packed week......





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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Scratching Me Ar*e.........

Ciarraigh and the kids went to Spain yesterday for a week....leaving me home alone.....which one of us is on holiday right now??

To celebrate (drowning my sorrows if Ciarraigh's reading) I made a bit of a dent in the wine stocks last night, which I suffered for this morning......the big difference this morning was that I could lie in bed and sleep it off........ahhh bliss!!

When I did get up, I had nothing to do.....get the Sunday papers, make a big dirty fry and sit outside in the garden.......superb!

Spent the whole day in the garden, cutting the grass, decimating the ivy growing up the garage wall in between catching snippets of the Italian Grand Prix.....Knackered now!!

The one blight on my stress-free weekend has been the crazy blond kid from across the road. She saw Lauren off yesterday so knows Lauren is away for the week, yet she's called twice looking for her already.......spooky, going to have to hide from her for the rest of the week!!

Now, what will I do now.......


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Friday, September 02, 2005

Car Trouble

I like my's a year old Audi A4 130 Sport in Mauritius's the only new car I've owned in my life.....

I found out something new about it this has a motion sensor!!

We were on a ferry over Strangford Lough, it was a beautiful day so we were all up on the rails checking out the view and seal spotting......

.....Every other minute the car alarm went off.....with every swell....
        ......once that puppy is stationary, it's not keen on movement

    .....I guess it was a long trip for those on the car deck!!


Then yesterday I went to pick it up from the work car park only to find that some ar*e had hit it sometime during the day.....bast*rd!

    ......seeing that they didn't bother to report it and have left me carrying the can.....I ain't happy

Security are now going through the tapes for the day to hopefully find out who hit it, that should be a laugh if they find them.....cos it's gonna hurt!!






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